Please provide us with the information below. Once complete you will be directed to upload the photos/music for your loved ones' memorial video.


Photos - Please ensure you name the files in the order you would like them (e.g., smith001, smith002, smith003 and so on). For photos, please use JPG format.

Music - Uploading your own music is optional. If you do not provide your own music, we will use our own instrumental music. Music must be uploaded in one of the following formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, MPEG-4 or AAC.

For a 30 photo tribute video, 8-11 minutes in length (approximately 2-3 songs)

For a 50 photo tribute video, 15-18 minutes in length (approximately 4-5 songs)

If you would like your music in a specific order, please indicate so in the description box below.

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