Recommended books on grieving

The Challenge of Living. Canine, J. D. (1983). Birmingham, MI: Ball Publishers.

How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies – Therese A. Rando, PhD

The Mourning Handbook – Helen Fitzgerald

The Next Place – Warren Hanson

A Grace Disguised – Gerald L. Sittser

Comforting Those Who Grieve – Doug Manning

Living When A Loved One Has Died – Earl A. Grollman

Living Still Loving Always – Nita G. Aasen (Essays of a Bereaved Parent)

Death – The Final Stage of Growth – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

On Children & Death – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

The Grief Recovery Handbook : The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death Divorce, and Other Losses - John W. James (Author), Russell Friedman (Author)

What Am I Going to Do With Myself When I Die? - John Canine (Author)

The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying - John Canine (Author)

Don’t Let Death Ruin You Life – Jill Brooke

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