In the spring of 1949 the Voran brothers began construction on the first of what would eventually grow to three funeral homes, serving the Detroit community. Denny, Fred and Nick Voran were born in Melvindale, Michigan to Romanian parents Sherman and Eleana Vorobchevici. They would work with family (their siblings George and Elizabeth), neighbors and friends to complete their vision over the following two years. The Allen Park Chapel was completed in the Spring of 1951, followed by Dearborn in 1960 and finally Taylor in 1966.


Allen Park Chapel

Photo Circa 1966


Dearborn Chapel

Photo Circa 1966


Taylor Chapel

Photo Circa 1966

With dedication to their families and visitors, the Voran reputation began to grow through the community and Voran Funeral Home, Inc. quickly became known as an avid supporter of local schools, churches and organizations.

For forty-five years Denny and Fred comforted and supported the families and friends who came through their doors. In April of 1996 Denny passed away at age 72, leaving Fred to continue their legacy.


Denny C. Voran 

May 15, 1924 - April 14, 1996

Today the funeral homes continue to be owned and operated by Fred and Barb Voran along with children Eleana, Fred Jr. and most recently Renee.

They continue to adhere to the principals and values which have made their business so successful throughout the years. With a dedicated and professional staff they look forward to helping and serving their community in their time of need.


Voran Ambulance Service

1951 - 1971

Operated by Fred and Nick 



Opening of Taylor Chapel 1966

Left to Right: Nick Voran, Fred N. Voran, Denny Voran, Kenny Missner, Alex Papp (Mayor of Taylor), George Voran, Richard Trolley (Mayor of Taylor), Elizabeth Voran